Trip date options

Because we only provide trips for small groups we ask you to option dates for two trips, we always aim to make your first option but in case need a second.

Payment for trips

On booking you will be asked to pay 50% up front with the rest payable 2 weeks before trip.

First Aid

Giles has undertaken a two day ITC Certified Outdoor training course and carries a First Aid kit on trips. In the event of a medical emergency arising I consent to the administration of First Aid measures as may be determined necessary by Giles or any other person present with current First Aid training. I further consent to any further medical treatment being administered by the Emergency Services if deemed necessary.

Participation Statement

I understand that by taking part in outdoor activities, there is a risk element to these which I accept. I also understand and agree to accept the terms and conditions listed below in taking part in this activity:

I confirm that I am medically fit for the activity I am taking part in and that I will make AWOTWS aware by email of any medical condition that may be relevant at least 14 days in advance of the trip. Please also AWOTWS by emailing them of any conditions such as asthma, diabetes and allergies

A risk assessment is undertaken for events and this is the duty of AWOTWS to do so. Whilst AWOTWS will make the attendee aware of unusual risks that arise from the risk assessment, I as an attendee appreciate that a certain level of responsibility falls on myself for taking part in activities. Responsibility such as but not limited to staying away from cliff edges, not walking on the road where a pavement is available, to be careful when walking and there is a risk of slipping on slippery surfaces like wet paths, steps, wet limestone etc, tripping (from tree stumps, pavements, mud etc), to be careful of electric fences and barbed wire and not to do anything to put any other person or property at risk.

We recommend you to take out appropriate insurance and the BMC offer suitable policies at surprisingly low rates:

Trekking trips are weather dependant. It wouldn’t be safe for example to ascend a hill or mountain in an electrical storm or to venture into areas with extreme weather conditions such as high winds, storms, snow etc. As such, advertised walks are subject to change if necessitated by safety considerations.

We reserve the right to exclude an individual from an activity if we deem them to be acting in a manner that causes inconvenience or annoyance to other members of the group. We also reserve the right to exclude a member if we deem they present a safety risk to themselves or other members of the group. This might be due to their conduct or being inadvertently prepared for the activity they have chosen to take part in. In instances where an individual is excluded there will be no refund.


Any photos taken on a trip by AWOTWS that are put on the AWOTWS, Instagram, Meetup or Facebook pages may be used for AWOTWS promotional purposes. If you do not wish this to happen please advise in writing or by confirmed email (where we reply to confirm that the photo/s will not be used) within 14 working days before the trip.

Cancellation of a trip

AWOTWS reserves the right to cancel a trip entirely for any reason including force majeure, unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside our control.  If we cancel your trip you can either move your payment to a trip on an alternative date of we can provide you with a full refund. We are not responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred.

Cancellation and Refunds

For trips a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and this is non refundable and non transferable. If you do not make full payment for the trip by the two week deadline, your booking will be cancelled and your deposit paid will not be refunded.

Once full payment has been made in advance of a trip we are unable to provide a refund if you aren’t able to travel due to personal circumstances. You may sell your trip on to someone else at the value you have paid AWOTWS.

If you become unwell at late notice we can happily supply you with a confirmation and receipt of your payment if you have travel insurance and wish to claim off this.